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MAFS bombshell: ‘I’m not attracted to her’

They were very loved-up earlier in the experiment.

Things are going from bad to worse for Married At First Sight’s former golden couple.

Just a couple of days after 29-year-old Matthew — who famously lost his virginity on the show to “wife” Lauren — reacted with extreme awkwardness to his partner’s admission that she “used to be a lesbian”, he’s now set to drop a bombshell.

In a preview for tonight’s second dinner party, Lauren, 31, is heard grilling her “husband” in a tense stand-off.

“Did you use me to lose your virginity?” she asks him furiously, before adding, “I just feel a bit used, Matt.”

Matthew then tells producers: “I’m not actually attracted to Loz.”

Is the relationship over between Matthew and Lauren?

Is the relationship over between Matthew and Lauren?Source:Channel 9

Earlier this week, viewers cringed through an incredibly uncomfortable conversation between the couple, during which the makeup artist told Matthew that she “used to be a lesbian”, leaving him completely speechless.

Last night, their relationship took another downward turn when Lauren revealed she was “very sexually open” and wanted her partner to be more “dominant”.

As Matthew was left uncomfortably asking her what that meant, she added that she was into “swinging and threesomes”.

The couple’s recent troubles are in stark contrast to the sunny early days of their relationship.

Matthew revealed that he was still a virgin during his first appearance on the show, but proudly announced he’d been intimate with his new “wife” on their honeymoon. The couple then appeared to go from strength to strength, and reaffirmed their relationship during Sunday night’s commitment ceremony.

They were very loved-up earlier in the experiment.

They were very loved-up earlier in the experiment.Source:Channel 9

But the first sign of trouble came on Monday, when a producer from the Kyle and Jackie O show revealed that Channel Nine has “banned” Matthew and Lauren from speaking to each other.

Kyle and Jackie O were discussing a tabloid headline from this morning that claimed the couple was expecting their first baby when executive producer Sonia Jahshan interrupted.

“Guys, here’s some inside goss. We’ve been told that Lauren and Matt are not allowed to talk to each other,” she revealed. “They’ve been separated.”

Sonia added: “Apparently they’ve had no contact. They’re not allowed to have contact with each other. I don’t know if it’s Nine [that’s enforcing this] but something weird is happening … They used the word ‘banned’.”

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7.30pm on Nine.

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